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Daniele Penna - Selected Publications (2009-today)


Peer reviewed journals

35. Penna, D., Hopp, L., Scandellari, F., Allen, S. T., Benettin, P., Beyer, M., Geris, J., Klaus, J., Marshall, J. D., Schwendenmann, L., Volkmann, T. H. M., von Freyberg, J., Amin, A., Ceperley, N., Engel, M., Frentress, J., Giambastiani, Y., McDonnell, J. J., Zuecco, G., Llorens, P., Siegwolf, R. T. W., Dawson, T. E., and Kirchner, J. W., 2018. Ideas and perspectives: Tracing terrestrial ecosystem water fluxes using hydrogen and oxygen stable isotopes – challenges and opportunities from an interdisciplinary perspective. Biogeosciences, 15, 6399-6415. Download

34. Zuecco, G., Rinderer, M., Penna, D., Borga, M., van Meerveld, H.J., 2019. Quantification of subsurface hydrologic connectivity in four headwater catchments using graph theory. Science of The Total Environment 646, 1265–1280. Online

33. Zuecco G., Penna D., Borga M., 2018. Runoff generation in mountain catchments: long term hydrological monitoring in the Rio Vauz Catchment, Italy. Cuadernos de Investigación Geográfica-Geographical Research Letters (Special Issue: Long-term experimental catchments), 44, 397. Online

32. Benettin, P., Volkmann, T. H. M., von Freyberg, J., Frentress, J., Penna, D., Dawson, T. E., and Kirchner, J. W., 2018. Effects of climatic seasonality on the isotopic composition of evaporating soil waters. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 22, 2881-2890. Download

31. Preti F., Guastini E., Penna D., Cassiani G., Boaga J., Deiana R., Dani A., Giambastiani Y., Errico A., Nasta P., Palladino M., Trucchi P., Romano N., Tarolli P., 2018. Conceptualization of water flow pathways in agricultural terraced landscapes. Land Degradation and Development, 29: 651-662. Online

30. Nasta P., Penna D., Brocca L., Zuecco G., Romano N., 2018. Downscaling near-surface soil moisture from field to plot scale: A comparative analysis under different environmental conditions. Journal of Hydrology, 557, 97-108. Online

29. Penna D., Zuecco G., Crema S., Trevisani S., Cavalli M., Pianezzola L., Marchi L., Borga M., 2017. Response time and origin of water in a steep nested catchment in the Italian Dolomites. Hydrological Processes, 31, 768-782. Online

28. Penna D., Engel M., Bertoldi G., Comiti F., 2017. Towards a tracer-based conceptualization of streamflow response to meltwater dynamics in an Alpine glacierized catchment. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 21, 23–41, 2017. Download

27. Volpi G., Riva F., Alexander Peña Reyes F., Basiricò S., Penna D., 2016. Geochemical characterization of the Bormio hydrothermal system (central Italian Alps). Rendiconti Online della Società Geologica Italiana, 41, 99-102.

26. Esposito A., Engel M., Ciccazzo S., Daprà L., Penna D., Comiti F., Zerbe S., Brusetti L., 2016. Spatial and temporal variability of bacterial communities in high alpine water spring sediments. Research in Microbiology 167, 325-333. Online

25. Zuecco G., Penna D., van Meerveld H. J., Borga M., 2016. A versatile index to characterise hysteresis between hydrological variables at the runoff event timescale. Hydrological Processes, 30, 9, 1449-1466. Online

24. Penna D., van Meerveld H. J., Zuecco G., Dalla Fontana G., Borga M., 2016. Hydrological response of an Alpine catchment to rainfall and snowmelt events. Journal of Hydrology, 537, 382–397. Online

23. Engel M., Penna D., Bertoldi G., Dell’Agnese A., Soulsby C., Comiti F., 2015. Identyfying runoff contributions and mixing processes during melt-induced runoff events in a glacierized Alpine catchment. Hydrological processes, 30, 343-364. Online

22. Brocca L., Massari C., Ciabatta L., Moramarco T., Penna D., Zuecco G., Pianezzola L., Borga M., Matgen P., Martínez-Fernández J.. Rainfall estimation from in situ soil moisture observations at several sites in Europe: inside SM2RAIN. Journal of Hydrology and Hydromechanics, 63, 3, 201-209. Download

21. Penna D., van Meerveld H. J., Oliviero O., Zuecco G., Assendelft R., Dalla Fontana G., Borga M., 2015. Seasonal changes in runoff generation in a small forested mountain catchment. Hydrological Processes, 29, 2027-2042. Online

20. Penna D., Mantese N., Hopp L., Borga M., Dalla Fontana G., 2015. Spatio-temporal variability of piezometric response  on  two steep alpine hillslopes. Hydrological Processes, 29, 198-211. Online

19. Penna D., Engel M., Mao L., Dell’Agnese A., Bertoldi G., Comiti F., 2014. Tracer-based analysis of spatial and temporal variation of water sources in a glacierized catchment. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 18, 5271-5288. Download

18. Penna D., M. Ahmad, S. J. Birks, L. Bouchaou, M. Brenčič, S. Butt, L. Holko, G. Jeelani, D. E. Martínez, G. Melikadze, J. Shanley, S. A. Sokratov, T. Stadnyk, A. Sugimoto, P. Vreča, 2014. A new method of snowmelt sampling for water stable isotopes. Hydrological Processes Today, 28, 5367–5644. Online

17. Penna D., Borga M., Aronica G. T., Brigandì G., Tarolli P., 2014. The influence of grid resolution on the prediction of natural and road-related shallow landslides. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 18, 2127–2139. Download

16. Comiti F., Marchi L., Macconi P., Arattano M., Borga M., Brardinoni F., Cavalli M., D’Agostino V., Penna D., 2014. A new monitoring station for debris flows in the Europeans Alps: first observations in the Gadria basin. Natural Hazards, 73, 1175–1198. Online

15. Mao L., Dell’Agnese A., Hiuncache C., Penna D., Engel M., Bertoldi G., Comiti F., 2014. Bedload hysteresis in a glacier-fed mountain river. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 39, 7, 964-976. Online

14. Camporese M., Penna D., Borga M., Paniconi C., 2014. A field and modelling study of nonlinear storage-discharge dynamics for an Alpine headwater catchment. Water Resources Research, 50, 2, 806-822. Online

13. Zuecco G., Penna D., van Meerveld H. J., Hopp. L., Dalla Fontana G., Borga M., 2014. Comparison of different types of throughfall collectors. Die Bodenkultur, 65, (3-4), 51-56.

12. Zuecco G., Borga M., Penna D., Canone D., Previati M., Ferraris S., 2013. Towards improved understanding of land use effect on soil moisture variability: analysis and modelling at the plot scale. Procedia Environmental Science, 9, 456 - 464. Download

11. Penna D., Oliviero O., Assendelft R., Zuecco G., van Meerveld H. J., Anfodillo T., Carraro V., Borga M., Dalla Fontana G., 2013. Tracing the water sources of trees and streams: isotopic analysis in a small pre-alpine catchment. Procedia Environmental Science, 19, 106 - 112. Download

10. Penna D., Mao L., Comiti F., Engel M., Dell’Agnese A., Bertoldi G., 2013. Hydrological effects of glacier melt and snowmelt in a high-elevation catchment. Die Bodenkultur, 64 (3-4), 93-98.

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8.   Penna D., Brocca L., Borga M., Dalla Fontana G., 2013. Soil moisture temporal stability at different depths on two alpine hillslopes during wet and dry periods. Journal of Hydrology, 477, 55-71.  Online

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6.  Penna D., Mantese N., Gobbi A., Borga M., 2011. Runoff response at different spatial scales: moving from small experimental areas to meso-scale catchments. Die Bodenkultur 62 (1–4), 101-107, 2011.

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4.  Penna D., Tromp-van Meerveld H. J., Gobbi A., Borga M., Dalla Fontana G., 2011. The influence of soil moisture on threshold runoff generation processes in an alpine headwater catchment. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 15, 689-702, 2011. Download  

3.  Penna D., Borga M., Sangati M., Gobbi A., 2010. Dynamics of soil moisture, subsurface flow and runoff in a small alpine basin. IAHS Publ. 336 (2010).

2.  Penna D., Stenni B., Šanda M., Wrede S., Bogaard T.A., Gobbi A., Borga M., Fischer B.M.C., Bonazza M., 2010. On the reproducibility and repeatability of laser absorption spectroscopy measurements for d2H and d18O isotopic analysis. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 14, 1551–1566. Download

1.  Penna D., Borga M., Norbiato D., Dalla Fontana G., 2009. Hillslope scale soil moisture variability in a steep alpine terrain. Journal of Hydrology, 364, 311-327. Online





Last update: December 2018